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Specialized Knowledge and Experience Required to Mitigate Marine and Transportation Risk

Crawford GTS® Marine and Transportation Professionals Get You Back in Business with Minimal Disruption, Downtime

The maritime business is a high-profile industry with ever-present potential for catastrophic losses. Transportation issues affect nearly every enterprise around the world, but can present particular financial and operational challenges to firms in this industry. Rising fuel costs, employee shortages and retention issues, an increase in piracy, credit risks, marketplace competition—these and other exposures can have a severe impact on a company's bottom line and impede its overall success. The same is true when cargo is damaged, destroyed or lost in transit.
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Paul Gilbert Handles Interesting, Unique Media and Entertainment Claims

Name and title: Paul R. Gilbert, managing director/executive general adjuster, USA

Area of specialization: Media and Entertainment

What is the most-prevalent type of Media and Entertainment-related claim you handle? Motion picture and television policy losses, event cancellation and nonappearance
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